Automate repetitive emails
with AI

Added value with artificial intelligence

We help you to answer your customer inbound e-mails
in the shortest possible time - Inspire your customers
with quick and individual answers.

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Email bot with
artificial intelligence

Automate repetitive emails

Individually trained and adapted AI
for your customer service - We help you to answer your emails
within the shortest possible time.

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Email routing with artificial intelligence

Automatic forwarding of incoming emails to service agents

Manual e-mail routing is a thing of the past - we
will help you to distribute incoming e-mails to your service agents
in seconds and fully automatically.

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Mailytica supports you with automated emails

with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing

thanks to automatic email routing
and email answers

Mailytica analyzes incoming customer service messages and forwards them to the right place in the company. In addition, Mailytica suggests suitable email answers.

Customer satisfaction
through fast
email answers

Mailytica improves customer satisfaction in customer service through automatically generated emails and individualized email responses.

24/7 available.
Scalable across the company.

Mailytica is a permanently available pool of knowledge for your corporate email communication: there are no differences in experience, motivation and knowledge.

The advantages of Mailytica



How does the AI learn from Mailytica? The initiation phase begins with learning the algorithms. All that the program needs for this is your existing mail communication. The actual learning process then takes place fully automatically via a machine learning pipeline. A manual assignment of the data is not necessary. Once learned, the program's capabilities go far beyond just keyword searches. Mailytica analyzes and understands the entire context of a mail.

Good to know: Training is always customer-specific. This enables the software to achieve a high level of accuracy and you benefit from specific email drafts. It goes without saying that your data is subject to the highest level of protection and is never made available to other customers.



The heart of Mailytica - during classification, Artificial Intelligence uses Natural Language Processing to automatically understand text. Understanding the text goes beyond recognizing individual keywords. Rather, Artificial Intelligence understands the context of the incoming emails.

Recurring inquiries can be automatically assigned to the correct topic with a high degree of accuracy. The AI E-mail Bot then takes over the automatic response, the AI Email Routing forwards the request to the correct service agent in real time.


Language Detection

Mailytica's software automatically recognizes the language of the incoming e-mail. The answer can also be suggested in the correct language. In addition to the language, the AI recognizes whether it is a female or male sender and automatically creates the appropriate salutation in real time.

The account manager accepts the answer and sends it.


Data Enrichment

Mailytica's AI Email Chatbot can be flexibly connected to third-party systems and databases using an API connection.

Using previously defined parsing rules, clear customer information such as order or customer number can be found in incoming emails. Mailytica can then use a linked query to call up related information such as a tracking code from a third-party system.

Enrich outgoing e-mails with highly individual, customer-related information and eliminate copy & paste processes from third-party systems.


Data Privacy

The implementation of an email bot in customer service is closely linked to questions about data protection.

Mailytica's AI is always specifically trained individually for each customer. This guarantees that your e-mails and the trained AI are exclusively available to you.

May it be cloud or on-premise? Depending on your requirements, we are flexible and offer you both options.

We take the GDPR seriously. We process all customer data without exception according to the guidelines of the DGSVO and individual customer agreements.

AI made in Germany - our artificial intelligence and our software were completely developed in-house and are not dependent on third-party providers.



Keep an eye on all KPIs in customer service. We give you analysis data so that you can identify increased inquiries or bottlenecks at an early stage.

Find out in our dashboard how long customer inquiries are being processed on the individual topics.

Find out how many inquiries your team received per topic in a certain period of time.

Identify peaks and bottlenecks so that you can react proactively.