AI Email Bot

Elevate your email communication strategy with Mailytica’s AI Email Bot: Personalized, intelligent automated responses at your service

Effortlessly optimize your inbox management with our advanced AI Email Bot.


Mailytica’s NLP (Natural Language Processing) language models make responding to emails in customer service efficient: the AI analyzes incoming messages based on previously learned parameters and identifies the sender’s intention. Based on this, our AI email bot suggests an appropriate response, as if it were your personal assistant.


Our advanced AI language model, trained with historical email data, delivers responses with unparalleled accuracy and relevance, enhancing your email interactions for heightened customer engagement and satisfaction.


Through API integration with third-party systems, our chatbot not only understands the context of your emails but can also incorporate order-specific data into the response.


Mailytica’s AI email bot integrates effortlessly into existing email and ticket systems like Outlook, Zendesk, and Freshdesk. Thanks to user-friendly add-ins, there’s no change in the familiar work environment for users. Managing the inbox proceeds as usual – though thanks to artificial intelligence, it’s simpler and faster than ever before.


Incoming email message.

The AI Email Bot analyzes your message, integrating smoothly with a user-friendly add-on for Outlook, Zendesk, or Freshdesk.


Our artificial intelligence models automatically classify your emails or support tickets based on their content.

Mailytica automatically suggests a response based on the email’s classification.

Select the proposed response with one click, customize if desired, and send.

  • Am rechten Bildrand werden dem Anwender automatisch E-mail-Antworten für die ausgewählte E-mail vorgeschlagen.

  • KI-gestützte E-Mail-Kassifikation, kategorisiert Support-Tickets automatisch entsprechend ihres Inhalts.

  • Nach der Klassifikation der E-Mail schlägt Mailytica automatisch eine Antwort vor.

  • Der Vorschlag kann mit einem Klick ausgewählt werden. Die automatisch generierte Antwort wird direkt in den Editor übernommen und die E-Mail wird in kürzester Zeit bearbeitet.

Eingegangene E-Mail

Integration mit benutzerfreundlichem Addin in Outlook, Zendesk oder Freshdesk:

Kl-gestützte E-Mail-Kassifikation, kategorisiert
Ihre Emails oder Support-Tickets automatisch entsprechend ihres Inhalts.

Nach der Klassifikation der E-Mail schlägt
Mailytica automatisch eine Antwort vor.

Der Antwortvorschlag kann mit einem Klick ausgewählt werden. Die automatisch generierte Antwort wird direkt übernommen und kann entweder noch bearbeitet oder direkt versendet werden.


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What sets Mailytica's AI Email
Bot apart?​

  • Fast Inquiry Resolution

    Mailytica's state-of-the-art AI Email Bot transforms the approach to managing email inquiries, ensuring prompt and insightful responses. Our advanced AI language models are adept at parsing not just keywords but the entire context of the emails. This deep comprehension allows for an unparalleled quick and accurate response to incoming messages.

  • Cost Efficiency and Enhanced Productivity through Automation

    By automating routine tasks and expediently managing repetitive inquiries, our bot significantly cuts down the average response time per query. The result is a noteworthy boost in operational efficiency and a substantial reduction in costs.

  • Tailored and Industry-Specific AI Models

    Mailytica's AI-powered Email Bot leverages industry-specific language models, offering text comprehension tailored to your business context.

    Unlike generic models, our bot excels in understanding specialized terms, jargon, and contexts in real-time, providing responses that are customized to your company's and industry's unique needs.

  • Integration with Third-Party Systems

    Through seamless integration with CRM systems, product databases, and additional corporate data repositories, our bot is empowered to access case-specific information. This capability signifies that our AI email bot extends beyond offering mere generic responses. It crafts exceptionally personalized replies, imbued with case-specific data.

    Consequently, automated responses are enriched with context-specific information. This enhancement ensures communication that is not only more accurate but also profoundly more relevant. With Mailytica, envision a future where your business communications are not just efficient but are transformed into genuinely customer-centric experiences, cleverly tailored to meet and exceed the expectations of forward-thinking businesses.

  • Workflow Automation for Enhanced Operations

    Integrating our AI Email Bot not only automates customer interactions but also enables comprehensive workflow automation within customer service departments.

    By integrating with existing infrastructures, our AI Email Bot can automate repetitive tasks and interactions with seamless proficiency.

    This includes the automatic classification of inquiries, routing them to the appropriate teams or staff, and updating customer records in real-time.

Up to

90 %

Correct Classifications

Our unique AI models achieve up to 98% accuracy in classifying incoming emails.

Time Saved per Email

Instead of manually written emails, our AI Email Bot suggests suitable replies. Benefit from an average time saving of 95%.

Ø 85 %




Es ist kein manuelles Labeling der Trainingsdaten notwendig. Dank einer Machine Learning Pipeline erfolgt ​der Trainingsprozess der KI-Modelle vollautomatisch und innerhalb kürzester Zeit.

Schnellere Antwortzeit ​

Keine tagelangen Wartezeiten für den Kunden, Mailytica's Lösung führt zu 85% Verbesserung der Antwortzeit. ​

Ø 75 %
  • Individuelle und branchenspezifische KI-Modelle

    Unser KI-gestützter Email Bot basiert auf branchen- und unternehmensspezifisch trainierte Sprachmodelle, welche ein tiefgreifendes Textverständnis für Ihre individuellen Anforderungen bieten.

    Im Gegensatz zu allgemeinen Sprachmodellen ist unser KI E-Mail Bot darauf optimiert, spezifische Begriffe, Fachsprache und Kontexte in Echtzeit zu verstehen. So kann er branchenspezifische Anfragen präzise interpretieren und maßgeschneiderte Antworten bereitstellen.

  • Anbindung an Drittsysteme und API-Integration

    Die nahtlose Integration mit Drittsystemen wie Outlook, Zendesk und Freshdesk ermöglicht eine reibungslose Kommunikation.

    Der KI E-Mail Botgreift zudem über eine leistungsstarke API-Anbindung auf kontextspezifische Daten aus anderen Systemen wie beispielsweise CRM oder Shopsysteme. Dadurch werden die Antworten automatisch mit kontextspezifischen Informationen angereichert, um eine noch präzisere und relevantere Kommunikation zu gewährleisten.

  • Technologie

    Der Einsatz von modernsten NLP (Natural Language Processing) und KI (Künstliche Intelligenz) Sprachmodellen sichern eine hohe Qualität der klassifizierten Nachrichten.

    Das automatische Training unserer branchen- und unternehmensspezifischen NLP-Sprachmodelle durch eine Email Machine Learning Pipeline, um eine effiziente Implementierung sicherzustellen. 

How does Mailytica's AI
Email Bot work?

The AI Email Bot from Mailytica employs sophisticated models and algorithms from Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to interpret incoming emails and suggest precisely crafted responses.


Initiating with in-depth training tailored exclusively to each client, our algorithmic infrastructure is refined using a dataset of historical emails and robust ‘Text Intelligence’ methodologies. Key features include Email Cleaning, Lemmatization, Term Discrimination, Stop Word Filtering, Language Detection, Topic Identification, and Entity Recognition. It is through these methods that our AI Email Bot grasps the nuances of each communication, assigning them to relevant business categories based on content and context. Beyond detecting keywords, it comprehensively understands the relationships of words and sentences, ensuring a full grasp of all messages.


We honor the uniqueness of every client’s needs by ensuring that these algorithms are meticulously calibrated on proprietary data, thus, upholding the utmost privacy and yielding unmatched precision. Once this client-specific optimization is complete, the AI Email Bot is equipped to analyze and classify new emails as they arrive. This advanced processing ensures that all messages, regardless of writing style variation, are understood based on their inherent meaning and intent.


When an email aligns positively with a predefined business category, our bot expertly proposes a fitting response, presented as a draft within your existing email environment. The process from email reception to response suggestion is impressively concise, leading to a draft that can be reviewed and refined before sending.


Mailytica’s AI Email Bot is a cutting-edge customer interaction solution that uses state-of-the-art AI technology to deliver personalized and effective customer service. It represents an exceptional asset for forward-thinking enterprises aspiring to not only elevate operational proficiency but also substantially heighten customer satisfaction and loyalty. With Mailytica, you invest not merely in cutting-edge technology but in a more intelligent business communication model.


Mailytica is based on a solid foundation of innovation, research, and expertise, ensuring top performance and reliability. Benefit from Germany's AI excellence and upgrade your customer service with our advanced AI email tools and applications.

Our servers adhere to strict privacy regulations and offer a stable, high-performance environment for our applications. With our solutions hosted in Germany, you can be sure that your data is protected and your applications run smoothly.

We adhere to the standards of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. Our strict compliance with GDPR ensures that all your personal data and sensitive information are protected at all times.