AI Email Smart Assist

Elevate your email writing with advanced AI.

Accelerate your writing process and save time with our AI Email Smart Assist.

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Accelerate your writing process and save precious time with our AI Email Smart Assist. Our cutting-edge tool is designed to enhance your productivity by revolutionizing the way you handle emails.


The AI Email Smart Assist is not just another generic language model; it’s a tailored experience that understands your needs. It analyzes the context of your messages in real-time, offering automatic suggestions that help complete your sentences swiftly and efficiently.


Forget one-size-fits-all solutions. Our AI technology stands out thanks to its ability to learn from your historical emails, catering to your personal communication style. This advanced feature ensures that the assistance you receive is as individual as you are.


Integrating seamlessly into Outlook, our AI-powered assistant makes crafting emails a breeze. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. With the AI Email Smart Assist, writing emails becomes not just faster, but also more intuitive and enjoyable.


  • Am rechten Bildrand werden dem Anwender automatisch E-mail-Antworten für die ausgewählte E-mail vorgeschlagen.

  • KI-gestützte E-Mail-Kassifikation, kategorisiert Support-Tickets automatisch entsprechend ihres Inhalts.

  • Nach der Klassifikation der E-Mail schlägt Mailytica automatisch eine Antwort vor.

  • Der Vorschlag kann mit einem Klick ausgewählt werden. Die automatisch generierte Antwort wird direkt in den Editor übernommen und die E-Mail wird in kürzester Zeit bearbeitet.

Start by writing an
email message.
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now ready to be sent.
Activate Mailytica’s Outlook Add-In.
The AI reviews your message’s content in real-time.
The AI automatically suggests sentences and phrases based on your previous emails. You decide which suggestions to accept.


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Discover the Unique Advantages of
the AI Email Smart Assist

  • Time Efficiency

    Craft emails faster by leveraging intelligent suggestions. With AI Email Smart Assist, you spend less time pondering over phrasing and more time conveying your core message effectively. This smart tool empowers you to achieve more in less time, making every minute count.

  • Writing Style Consistency

    Consistency in tone is crucial for maintaining professionalism in your communications. The AI Email Smart Assist aids in suggesting unified phrasing, ensuring that each of your messages reflects a coherent and professional style. Say goodbye to erratic email tones and embrace a consistently polished communication style.

  • Effortless Application Connectivity

    Imagine an AI tool that not only works within your preferred email platform but also extends its intelligence to other applications. With Mailytica's AI Email Smart Assist, seamless integration is not a luxury—it's standard. Our API interface allows for connective utility beyond the basic email client. Integrate this smart assistant into your CRM systems, contact centers, and even directly within specialized software.

How does Mailytica's
AI Email Smart Assist work?

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

The foundation is built on Natural Language Processing (NLP). By utilizing NLP algorithms, the text is analyzed in real-time to understand the context and the intent of the writer. This enables a precise interpretation of started sentences.

The individually trained language model is designed to adapt to the unique writing habits and individual style of a user. Unlike generic models, Mailytica’s AI Email Smart Assist’s language models can learn how you write and provide you with personalized suggestions that match your preferred expressions.


Context Understanding and Intention Recognition

Our AI algorithms go beyond simple text recognition and understand the context of your messages. They recognize the intention behind your sentences to generate precise and relevant suggestions for completion.


Machine Learning
Our language models use machine learning to adapt to your individual writing style. This means the language models are always specifically trained based on your historical email data.

Individually trained models significantly improve context understanding. They can focus on specific topics, industry terms, or even individual abbreviations that are relevant to the user. This enables more accurate and contextually relevant suggestions that better suit the individual requirements of the user.


Adaptation to Individual Preferences
You have control over which suggestions are accepted or rejected. This flexibility allows the AI to tailor its assistance directly to your personal preferences and requirements, ensuring that the output not only resonates with your signature style but also enhances the overall efficiency and precision of your email communication.


Mailytica is based on a solid foundation of innovation, research, and expertise, ensuring top performance and reliability. Benefit from Germany's AI excellence and upgrade your customer service with our advanced AI email tools and applications.

Our servers adhere to strict privacy regulations and offer a stable, high-performance environment for our applications. With our solutions hosted in Germany, you can be sure that your data is protected and your applications run smoothly.

We adhere to the standards of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. Our strict compliance with GDPR ensures that all your personal data and sensitive information are protected at all times.