AI Email Smart Answer

Emails are a time-consuming and hardly automated work in our everyday work. In addition, repetitive email conversations are not only time consuming, but also frustrating and challenging for qualified and motivated employees.

For this purpose, Mailytica has launched an innovative AI Email Smart Answer, which understands the meaning of emails based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and then suggests automatic answers, so-called “Smart Responses”.


An incoming email reaches you

You work in your usual mailbox, where Mailytica's AI Email Smart Answer is automatically integrated


You call the Smart Response function of Mailytica

A simple click on the Smart-Response button will call Mailytica's AI Email Smart Answer


Mailytica's AI Email Smart Answer analyzes the incoming email

{ classfication: „delivery_time_request“, priority: „urgent“, from: „Timo Streich“, article: „Business cards“, article_no: „421349.44", quantity: 300 }


Mailytica finds similar requests in your email history and creates a smart response

The smart response takes into account the parameters from the email analysis, for example the quantity and the article


You edit the email draft and send it

Mailytica stores the Smart Response in your drafts folder. You have, of course, the opportunity to customize the email again and send.

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AI Email Smart Answer function

The AI Email Smart Answer makes a classification of all incoming emails in terms of their meaning. This means that all emails, or the individual paragraphs within an email, are subdivided in groups into topics. Mailytica then examines how you have responded to identical business transactions in the past and recommends this response again as a "smart response" email draft. In the process, individual data such as names and item data are filled automatically via variables. Before submitting, you can check, edit and then send the email draft.

Chatbot function

Mailytica's AI Email Smart Answer uses your previous replies to the same business transactions and takes advantage of the Email Machine Learning concept. This ensures that your writing style is always maintained and your counterpart never gets the impression of talking to a computer. The AI Email Smart Answer thus acts completely hidden and thus causes a high degree of automation with human features.

How does the AI Email Smart Answer of Mailytica work?


What are typical use cases:

Check Recurring issues in a help desk
Check Customer inquiries regarding delivery times and shipping costs
Check Approval process for purchase orders
Check Requests for quotation validity

What makes the AI Email Smart Answer of Mailytica different?


The training of the AI Email Smart Answer is based on emails for the same business transactions in your past. Thus, the AI Email Smart Answer uses the concept of "Artificial Intelligence" and "Machine Learning". By doing so, it does eliminate a tedious, manual training.


The AI Email Smart Answer sees itself as part of a larger system: A REST API and integrations in ERP and CRM systems enable interaction with your business programs.


Use of the most modern and most effective NLP (Natural Language Processing) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms ensure a high quality of automatic email designs.