AI Email Routing

Automatic forwarding of incoming e-mails in a common functional mailbox to the correct contact person

The AI Email Routing is able to analyze incoming emails, classify them and then automatically forward them to the right place in the company. This AI Email Routing works concealed in the background on the basis of Artificial Intelligence and advanced NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms.

Thanks to text classification algorithms, the AI Email Routing is able to identify the meaning of incoming emails' contents. Incoming emails are then automatically assigned to the recognized categories and forwarded accordingly.

The understanding of the text goes beyond recognizing individual keywords. Rather, the AI Email Routing understands the context of the individual emails.

Incoming emails
Item no. 8530 50 pcs
A customer has an urgent request for 50 pieces for a specific article.
Date of delivery
Invoice request
Email Machine Learning
Mailytica recognizes the intent and goal of the customer inquiry. Mailytica then classifies the email and assigns it to the categories "Urgent" and "Inquiry"
Subsequent action
- Customer inquiries about a specific topic are always automatically forwarded to a specific employee.
- All urgent requests are marked with a red label „Urgent“ in your mailbox.
- Depending on the classification, the email is moved to a specific Outlook folder.
Integration in business processes
The integration takes place seamlessly via an add-on in Outlook, Gmail or Zendesk. The classification can also be made available for a third party system via a REST API interface. With such an API query, processes and workflows in existing business programs can be enriched with an email classification.
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How does the AI Email Routing work?

An email dataset constitutes the starting point for an "initialization run" during which all emails are assigned each to a so-called "category". By doing so, a number of so-called "hot topics" emerge, representing recurring business transactions.

However, Mailytica does not only recognize categories but also analyzes where the emails were forwarded to within a category . This means that the rules are automatically detected and defined based on the dataset. Of course, these routing rules can be checked at any time and manually adjusted if necessary.

After the initialization run, Mailytica can discern "hot topics" - recurring business transactions, and automatically forward new incoming emails to the desired location, according to the routing rules.

Emails that can not clearly be classified may be manually forwarded at any time. Each manual forwarding allows Mailytica to learn and apply its new knowledge to future emails. Mailytica is thus continuously trained in new and old categories and can continuously increase its routing rates.

What distinguishes Mailytica's AI Email Routing?


AI Email Routing is an iterative process - the application is constantly learning through artificial intelligence. This allows for an each day broader range of decisions and higher quality.