AI Email Text Analytics

Do you need software that automatically detects certain information in incoming emails and makes it available to other software? Using an AI email text analytics pipeline Mailytica analyzes your incoming emails and can use "Entity Extraction"

to recognize names, locations, addresses, numbers and article details. In a second step, the information is made available to other programs by means of a defined interface.


AI Email Text Analytics

{ classfication: „delivery time request“,
priority: „urgent“,
from: „Timo Streich“,
article: „Business card“,
reference no: „P021349",
quantity: 300 }


The above example shows an email request for the delivery time of a product. In this example, the AI Text Analytics Pipeline automatically detects and extracts the category, urgency, name, article information, reference number, and quantity needed.


What use cases are possible with AI Email Text Analytics?

Whenever information from inbound emails is needed to process the business transaction in other systems, automating the provision of data through AI email text analytics can provide efficiency benefits. The annoying and buggy copy and paste is eliminated. Not only does this help you to react more quickly, ideally you can automate entire business transactions.

Was für Anwendungsfälle sind mit dem Email Text Analytics denkbar?

How does the AI Email Text Analytics Pipeline work?


The following examples use AI Email Text Analytics:

Check Automatic address recognition in incoming customer inquiries for opening a new customer in your CRM or ERP system
Check Automatic address recognition to handle address changes via email fully automated
Check Extracting articles and quantities to automatically transfer this data to your ERP system for quoting
Check Recognize requests for invoice copies and delivery times and respond automatically
Check Automatically recognize delivery times from suppliers and transfer them to your ERP system
Check Recognition of complaints in after-sales in order to react proactively and to detect accumulations at an early stage
Check Anti-Fraud Management: Use AI Email Text Analytics to detect suspicious content in email

What makes the AI Email Text Analytics of Mailytica different?


Use of the most modern and effective algorithms ensure a high quality of the extracted information. The algorithms use technologies from NLP (Natural Language Processing) and AI (Artificial Intelligence).


The AI Email Smart Answer sees itself as part of a larger one: A REST API and integrations in ERP and CRM systems enable interaction with your business programs. Of course, even simpler interfaces such as a periodically generated CSV file are available.


No manual training necessary: The algorithms of Mailytica are able to train independently.