Gmail Integration

You use Gmail and want to use Mailytica's AI Email Smart Answer? For this purpose, we have developed an add-on for Gmail, which provides the functionality of Mailytica in the Gmail mailbox.

The add-on can be easily installed within Gmail. The add-on is then displayed on the right side of the browser window. As soon as the user reads a new email, Mailytica suggests a suitable answer within the add-on. For this purpose, the incoming email is classified in the background and assigned to a known business transaction. In addition to automatically generated email drafts and replies, you can also globally specify a desired response for each business transaction.

After Mailytica has showed the automatically generated email response, the user can adopt the suggestion with a single click to Gmail’s email editor. Subsequently, the email draft can be sent directly or supplemented by the user if desired. In addition, a direct send-out of the automatically generated email answer is possible. This is useful if there is a high level of accuracy for certain business transactions and full automation is desired. Increase the quality and speed in your customer communication!


After installation, Mailytica's add-on will be displayed in the right sidebar.

Thus, the add-on is always visible. At the same time, the user can remain in his usual mailbox.

Integration popup
Email Classification & Automatic Email Response

After opening an incoming email, Mailytica assigns the email to a category or a business transaction within seconds.

At the same time, Mailytica automatically suggests appropriate answers to the email in the sidebar. The user can intuitively decide to accept the answer suggested by Mailytica as the email’s response.

In addition to the automatically generated answer, Mailytica also creates the appropriate salutation. For this purpose, it is analyzed whether it is a male or female partner.

Multiple automatic answers

Some business transactions have more than one possible answer. In such cases, Mailytica first presents the most likely answer.

By clicking on the "Next" button, the other answers are retrieved in seconds.

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Sending the automatically generated answer

After the automatically generated answer has been accepted, it appears as an email draft.

The user can now complete the email if necessary and then send it out.

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Communication between Mailytica and the Email server

The communication between Mailytica and the email server is always encrypted based on a SSL certificate. All data will be treated confidentially in accordance with the data protection guidelines of the GDPR. In addition, Mailytica can also be deployed on a local server. This allows you to ensure that the software and thus also all your data remain exclusively within your premises or intranet.

Intuitive User Interface

The algorithms of Mailytica and the Email Machine Learning Pipeline for classifying your emails run in the background on a server application.

To do this, Mailytica's software is installed on a cloud server or on a local server. Mailytica receives thereby via IMAP or an API access to the incoming emails. Subsequently, the automatic analysis takes place within the algorithms of Mailytica in seconds. Based on the analysis, the email can then be routed automatically or an email response is suggested.

The automatically generated response email is retrieved by the user via an Add-On directly in the familiar environment (for example, Microsoft Outlook or Gmail). This means that the user only sees a small, intuitive Add-On in his usual working environment.


Finally, Mailytica increases the motivation of committed employees. Instead of answering frustrating and repetitive emails, employees can concentrate fully on work where a person's sensitivity, ability to combine, and empathy is essential. This creates time and a free mind to deal with complex, individual problems.