Mailytica case study

Bontaro is an e-business online platform for promotional items. All inquiries and orders are processed with tickets via email. In addition to a large number of complex questions, there are repetitive, recurring customer inquiries.


Bontaro's overarching goal is to automate recurring requests. In addition, the quality of complex questions is to be improved by an email assist program. In addition, an email classification should be set up, which recognizes urgent customer inquiries and makes them recognizable. This should highlight short-term inquiries with a hurried delivery date in the multitude of customer inquiries.


The simple training phase during operation was interesting. In this way we were able to forego the high implementation costs, which makes the system interesting even for small businesses with only one license.

Initial situation

Mailytica is always available, learns independently, and is easily scalable.

Initially, all email inquiries were answered manually by the sales consultants. An Excel file was used, from which the answers for recurring customer inquiries were copied out. The efficiency had already greatly increased but with time, a problem arose: the templates in the Excel file had grown to over 100 variants. This is easily manageablefor those who have created the templates themselves - for newcomers, however, it takes a long time to internalize all the different answers.

In addition, the time factor in an e-business is absolutely critical to success. Inquiries with urgent delivery dates must be dealt with in order to be able to respect the sometimes very short delivery dates. So far, all requests were processed chronologically, because the urgency was not immediately visible.


The Bontaro system was already very optimized but had reached its limits due to the ever increasing number of templates. The clarity was being increasingly lost.


The so-called AI Email Bot from Mailytica was set up to increase the efficiency of recurring requests. Mailytica recognizes the different types of customer inquiries thanks to an email classification. Based on this, the sales advisor automatically receives the appropriate answer as an email draft.

The tedious search for an answer in the Excel file is no longer necessary. Furthermore, there is no longer the need to change applications, which has increased efficiency by 50%.

Mailytica's email classification also analyzes incoming emails for urgency. For this purpose, the artificial intelligence of the algorithms was trained with the corresponding data. As soon as an urgent customer inquiry appears, it is highlighted in the email inbox with a red label. The sales consultants can easily identify urgent inquiries and prioritize them.


Through a connection to the ERP system, the answers could also be enhanced with order-related data (e.g. the delivery date). This feature has brought another gain in efficiency.

Enrichment of AI Email Bot with order-related data


A recurring business transaction is the subsequent invoice request via email. A typical email request can be as follows: “Hello, unfortunately I have misplaced the invoice for order PO-3943. Please send it again. Thank you very much”

Based on the email classification, Mailytica recognizes that this is an invoice request.

In addition, the appropriate invoice is found using the order number and an API interface and attached to the email draft.

Since this is very sensitive data, the sales consultant must briefly check the email with the correct invoice document before sending it.

An invoice request can be processed in a highly individualized manner within a few seconds.

Direct integration into existing email applications


Mailytica’s functionalities can be accessed directly in Outlook, Gmail or Zendesk using intuitive add-ons.

This prevents the learning or switching to a new software and ensures seamless integration into existing applications, as well as a high level of acceptance.

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Mailytica is always available, learns independently, and is easily scalable.

The email classification of incoming customer inquiries is carried out in the background on a server. In order to guarantee a high level of data security, Bontaro used its own on-premise server. For small businesses in particular, however, it may be advisable to choose the cloud variant with a so-called “order processing contract according to GDPR”.

An Outlook add-on can be installed by the user, which intuitively presents the answer suggestion. The sales consultant can then adopt the answer suggestion with a single click within the email program. This avoids switching between softwares.

In order to avoid a complex training phase of the artificial intelligence, the algorithms are taught during operation in the initial phase. The setup can be done within a few minutes without high costs. To do this, it is possible to simply manually select the relevant categories. This automatically trains the artificial intelligence in the background. After approx. 4-6 weeks, the algorithms already have enough training material to automatically suggest correct answers.


It was very important to us not to impose any new software or online dashboard onto our employees. It was therefore crucial that Mailytica's solution could be directly integrated into Outlook using an add-on. The add-on is clearly and intuitively structured so that all can be comfortable working with it.


Mailytica is always available, learns independently, and is easily scalable.

We were surprised to see how much the quality of customer service had improved. All recurring email categories and answers are stored in a knowledge database. For new customer inquiries, Mailytica suggests email answers based on these categories. Once complex customer inquiries have been answered in detail, this knowledge can be multiplied again and again in the future.

With the AI Email Bot, a suitable answer is suggested to the sales consultants for new customer inquiries. These can be accepted and sent as email drafts within seconds.

In addition, it quickly becomes apparent that Mailytica is of great help, especially when it comes to complex questions. As soon as the answer to a question has been recorded, it will be available to every sales consultant in the future via the AI Email Bot. This means that very detailed answers can be accessed in a matter of seconds, which brings great added value for customer satisfaction.

The classification with regard to urgency is very well received by the sales consultants. Thanks to the easy recognizability, urgent inquiries can be dealt with within minutes - a service that always amazes customers.