KPIs and transparency in customer service

You would like to have a precise picture of the current utilisation and processing times at any given time?

With Mailytica’s products, you receive a dashboard that provides you with the most important key figures such as the opened requests, processing times and layovers of your customer enquiries.

Number of customer inquiries

The number of customer inquiries is organised between opened and closed enquiries. This way, you can check the current utilisation rates and keep an eye on possible delays.


Moreover, a breakdown by days and weeks allows you to assign resources fittingly.

Processing times

Processing times are divided between the first reaction time and the response time.


The first reaction time indicates the period before an employee can look at a customer inquiry for the first time. The response time indicates the period before the customer finally receives an answer.


By means of this analysis, you can immediately see whether the customer inquiries can currently be processed on time with the available employees. The time span between the first reaction time and the response time also allows you to draw conclusions about the costs of each individual topic. This way, targeted optimisation can take place.

AI email routing

The routing analysis shows how many emails are classified and redirected to the appropriate employee using Mailytica’s artificial intelligence.


The statistics are broken down into categories, corresponding to business transactions. You can also see the precision degree of the automatic redirection for each category.

AI email smart answer

Mailytica’s artificial intelligence suggests appropriate answers to employees for incoming customer inquiries. These automatic answers can be selected and sent in a single click. These so-called smart answers allow for fast answers to recurring customer inquiries and generate a significant and positive effect on processing times.


On the reporting, you can see how often automatic answers are used for each topic. Based on this, optimisation measures can be initiated.

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