Email Classification with AI

Mailytica helps you to classify your incoming emails
using E-Mail Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Simple employee assignment

Based on the e-mail classification, automatic forwarding rules can be set up for the respective employees.

Automatic prioritization

Use the e-mail classification to prioritize your emails according to categories such as urgency.

Added value through Artificial Intelligence

Mailytica's algorithms use E-Mail Machine Learning to classify incoming e-mails. The classification is made according to categories or business transactions such as a delivery date inquiry or an invoice request.

Data Protection

The algorithms are always trained by your own training data. Thus, your training data will only be used to classify your own Email Machine Learning algorithms. Your training data are used exclusively for your email predictions.

Are you interested?

By submitting the request, I agree that my data will be stored for the purpose of organizing the online demonstration. A transfer of the data to third parties does not take place. I can always get information about my data by e-mailing or have my data corrected and deleted.

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