About Us

We are shaping the future of email automation

Since our founding in 2018 by Lorenz Bernauer, we have been driven by our passion for developing cutting-edge AI and NLP models. Our goal, which we never lose sight of: Offer our customers a powerful tool for automating repetitive emails by means of a simple integration of artificial intelligence and natural language processing. We are not just a service provider, but see ourselves as a pioneer in email automation and are committed to providing sustainable added value for our customers.


It all started with our AI Email Bot for answering repetitive inquiries in Outlook. In the meantime, the product range has grown to include a large number of other integration options and additional functions. Starting with AI Email Routing, through AI Live Prediction for automated sentence and word completion to the introduction of our Omnichannel Contact Center, we can now offer a solution for almost all email automation requirements.


We are not only talking about future-oriented technologies. Mailytica is one of the pioneers in the introduction of AI email bots and AI email routing. Our AI models are continuously optimised. Starting with AI Live Prediction for automatic sentence and word completion to the introduction of our Omnichannel Contact Centre.


We will continue to work constantly to improve Mailytica by using the latest technologies to offer holistic solutions for email automation.

Our Locations

Konstanz | Germany

Bücklestraße 3

78467 Konstanz


Patrick Bernauer


+49 7531 1227 105

Potsdam | Germany

Ravenna | Italy

Sevilla | Spain

Our Milestones


Lorenz Bernauer completed his studies in the field of Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence. He conducted research and achieved significant academic recognition for his publication on a groundbreaking algorithm for term discrimination.


Foundation of Mailytica GmbH by Lorenz Bernauer.


Mailytica introduced an AI-powered email chatbot and email routing system, seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Outlook.


Mailytica's integration expanded to platforms such as Freshdesk, Zendesk, Jira. Additionally, support for all major languages was added.


Patrick Bernauer joins Mailytica and takes charge of expanding sales and marketing activities in Europe.


Introduction of AI Live Prediction for automatic sentence and word completion.


Mailytica presents the Omnichannel Contact Center by Spinoco, which combines automation features and AI in one communication hub.