AI Email Autoresponder

Are you looking for an AI Email Autoresponder that sends personalized answers depending on the topic?

Mailytica’s autoresponder analyzes incoming messages using Artificial Intelligence to understand their content. Thus, Mailytica can understand, by means of the algorithms used, to which topic the incoming message or email belongs. Depending on the business transaction, you can define individual messages for the email answer.


The AI Email Autoresponder allows for fast and individualized responses to incoming emails. This can increase the quality of your customer service. A popular usage of the AI Email Autoresponder is the answer to complaints in customer support: Mailytica will automatically detect if an incoming email is a complaint before sending a short confirmation email within a defined time interval.

The confirmation email can confirm the receipt of the complain to the customer. A delay can also be mentioned, by which the complaint will be checked by the customer service and an answer received by the customer. The advantage of this autoresponder is a fast and individualized initial communication with your customers.


Mailytica can recognize not only simple but also highly complex business transactions. The understanding of the text goes beyond the recognition of individual keywords. Rather, Mailytica understands the context of individual sentences, paragraphs and emails. In addition, Mailytica automatically creates a suitable salutation. For this, the gender of the sender is recognized, whereby the appropriate salutation can be proposed.

What distinguishes Mailytica's AI Email Autoresponder?

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How does the AI Email Autoresponder work?

Mailytica's products are based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models. The backbone of Mailytica is a pipeline process, which all incoming emails go through. Within this pipeline, incoming emails are classified and assigned to a category or business transaction. Depending on the classification or business transaction, an individual autoresponder email can be sent.

Mailytica uses different decision metrics for classification, such as uniqueness, precision and a confidence factor. This allows for transparent and comprehensible decisions to be made. The algorithm for email classification is a self-learning algorithm. Any new message will automatically act as training material for the algorithm, creating knowledge to be used in the future. The breadth and quality of your artificial intelligence customer service decisions will therefore be growing day by day.