AI Email Classification

Discover our AI-powered email classification. Efficient, precise, and customizable.

Elevate your email management process with our state-of-the-art AI technology. Mailytica’s sophisticated AI Email Classification system enhances your inbox by intuitively sorting emails into predefined categories, according to your unique specifications.


Using advanced AI language models, Mailytica effectively discerns email content, ensuring each message is categorized based on intent. It accommodates an array of criteria, including sender information and criteria you define.


Designed with flexibility in mind, our system allows for tailor-made categorization. Modify and enhance your setup by adding new categories and fine-tuning classification rules to meet your ever-evolving business requirements.


Also, our API ensures effortless compatibility with your current enterprise solutions. Integrate our AI Email Classification with CRM systems, helpdesk tools, or contact center platforms to improve efficiency and keep operations in harmony with your business’s growth.


Experience the transformative impact on customer satisfaction with a solution that not only meets but anticipates your email communication needs.


Mailytica’s sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms examine the content of your emails and classify them based on specific topics.

Based on the AI analysis, Mailytica automatically assigns the appropriate classification to each email.

Maintain control over your emails by organizing them according to topics and priority.

Additionally, use the API connection to third-party systems to automate entire processes.

Unsere innovative Lösung verwendet KI gestützte Sprachmodelle, um Ihre eingehenden E-Mails automatisch nach Themen zu klassifizieren und zu organisieren.


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What sets Mailytica's AI Email
Classification apart?

  • Integration

    Incorporate Mailytica's AI Email Classification into your current tools and workflows with ease.

    Our robust API ensures a straightforward and effective integration process.

  • Available 24/7

    Email messages are classified instantly upon arrival, guaranteeing emails are categorized quickly and accurately.

  • Personalized AI Language Models

    At the start of the process, we use machine learning along with your historical email data to custom-train AI models. This training is designed to help you fine-tune the models so that they are more accurate and relevant for your business or industry.

    Thanks to this personalized approach, the AI can better understand the content of your incoming emails and accurately classify them.

bis zu
90 %

Korrekte Klassifizierung

Unsere einzigartigen KI-Modelle erreichen bis zu 98% Genauigkeit bei der Klassifizierung eingehender E-Mails.

Schnellere Antwortzeit ​

Es ist kein manuelles Labeling der Trainingsdaten notwendig.
Dank einer Machine-Learning-Pipeline erfolgt ​der Trainingsprozess der KI-Modelle vollautomatisch und innerhalb kürzester Zeit.



  • Priorisierung

    Nutzen Sie das KI E-Mail Routing, um eilige Nachrichten zu erkennen und priorisiert weiterzuleiten. Dringende E-Mails können so sofort und in Echtzeit erkannt werden und mittels separaten Queues priorisiert verarbeitet werden.

  • Skalierbarkeit

    Die KI E-Mail Klassifizierung kann problemlos große ​E-Mail-Mengen verarbeiten, ohne dass zusätzliche manuelle Ressourcen erforderlich sind. Ganz gleich, ob es um saisonale Spitzenzeiten oder ruhigere Phasen geht, unsere hoch skalierbare Technologie sichert Ihnen eine dauerhafte Verfügbarkeit.

  • 24/7 Verfügbar

    Die Klassifizierung der KI erfolgen in Echtzeit, was eine schnelle und präzise Kategorisierung von E-Mails sicherstellt. Durch die blitzschnelle Analyse wird zudem jede eingehende Nachricht unmittelbar die richtige Kategorie zugeordnet – ein nahtloser Prozess, der Zeitverzögerungen beim Bearbeiten von E-Mails eliminiert.

AI Email Classification - REST API

Use our robust API interface to retrieve and process classification results in real-time. The interface allows you to make a simple JSON call, which will return the classification results for any email address you specify. Authentication mechanisms such as OAuth2 and API keys ensure secure data transfers.


Our API is especially suitable for integration into contact centers and multi-channel communication platforms. Optimize the processing of customer inquiries through intelligent prioritization and automatic routing:


  • Prioritized Ticket Assignment: Automatically assign tickets to the appropriate teams or agents based on email classification and urgency.
  • Skill-Based Routing: Direct inquiries to specialized agents who are best suited for the specific category and context of the inquiry.
  • Dynamic Queues: Automatically assign queues based on email classification.
  • Queue Management: Continuously update queues and priorities in real time.
  • Autoresponder: Send automatic response templates based on the classification.


An implemented feedback loop allows AI models to constantly improve. Corrections are incorporated into the AI models through the feedback loop and are considered in future training sessions of the AI models. This enables the AI models to steadily increase accuracy in future classifications.


Mailytica’s API allows you to create customized workflows that are tailored to your individual processes and tools. By using classification results, you can make customer communication more efficient, improve service quality—and increase customer satisfaction. Our artificial intelligence technology can be integrated into a wide range of systems, allowing you to take full advantage of its capabilities and improve your customer service processes.


Mailytica is based on a solid foundation of innovation, research, and expertise, ensuring top performance and reliability. Benefit from Germany's AI excellence and upgrade your customer service with our advanced AI email tools and applications.

Our servers adhere to strict privacy regulations and offer a stable, high-performance environment for our applications. With our solutions hosted in Germany, you can be sure that your data is protected and your applications run smoothly.

We adhere to the standards of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. Our strict compliance with GDPR ensures that all your personal data and sensitive information are protected at all times.