Freshdesk Integration

By combining Mailytica's advanced AI capabilities with Freshdesk's intuitive ticketing system, you can simplify your support workflow and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Mailytica’s Artificial Intelligence will help you reduce response time in your customer service by automating repetitive interactions with your customers.

Seamless Integration with Intuitive Design

Mailytica's Freshdesk integration is designed to blend seamlessly into your existing Freshdesk platform. Effortlessly connect your Freshdesk and Mailytica accounts with a few simple steps, making the integration process quick and seamless.

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Ticket Classification with Artificial Intelligence

Leverage AI-powered ticket classification to automatically categorize support tickets based on their content or specific business transactions (e.g., refund requests, order assistance, etc.).

Automated Response Suggestions

After the classification of the incoming ticket, Mailytica automatically suggests a response. You can can pick the suggestion with one click and reply to your customer immediately.

Your customers will be happy to receive accurate responses in the shortest possible time!

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Use Customer Data from CRMs

With the data enrichment capabilities of Mailytica's API, you can leverage customer information stored in your CRM to create personalized smart responses and workflows tailored to your specific needs.

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Boost your support team's efficiency, reduce response times, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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Increase efficiency and reduce response time
Empower your support agents to handle tickets faster and more effectively.

Streamline interactions
Respond to customer tickets with just one click, simplifying your support process.

AI-powered ticket classification
Leverage Mailytica's Artificial Intelligence to automatically categorize tickets and get relevant response suggestions.


With Mailytica's Freshdesk Integration, we've seen a tremendous improvement in our customer service workflows. The AI-powered responses are suggested automatically, enhancing our customer experience and freeing our agents to focus on complex queries.