Outlook Integration

All Mailytica products can be integrated directly into the email inbox. For this purpose, an Outlook add-on is available, which can be easily installed in Microsoft Outlook. This ensures that the user can work in his usual email environment.

Mailytica assists on the sidebar with automatically generated email drafts, which can increase efficiency enormously. Using the example of the AI Email Bot, Mailytica automatically suggests a suitable answer email to the user using the algorithms and artificial intelligence of Mailytica while the user is reading the email. The automatically generated response is based on historical answers to the same topic or can be customized based on the business transaction.

After Mailytica has displayed the automatically generated email response, the user simply has to click on the suggestion to adopt it as an email draft. Afterwards he can just send the email as usual or supplement it if needed. Even a fully automatic sending can be activated if a high accuracy of the classification is given.


The Mailytica Add-On can be displayed by clicking a button in the ribbon of Microsoft Outlook. Another button is used for the registration with the user name and a password.

Email Classification & Automatic Email Response

Automatically generated Email Responses are automatically suggested to the user on the right side of the screen when reading incoming emails. Additionally, also the classification in regard to the specific business transaction can be seen by the user.

In addition to the email response, Mailytica also automatically creates the appropriate salutation. If you click on the automatically generated email response, the email draft is taken directly into the Microsoft Outlook Editor.

Sending the automatically generated email

The automatically generated email reply will appear in the email editor. Besides to the automatically generated email answer, also the imprint is added.

The appearance is absolutely identical as if the email was written by the user himself. The user can now complete the email if required or send it directly.

Intuitive User Interface

The algorithms of Mailytica and the Email Machine Learning Pipeline for classifying your emails run in the background on a server application.

To do this, Mailytica’s software is installed on a cloud server or on a local server. Mailytica receives thereby via IMAP or an API access to the incoming emails. Subsequently, the automatic analysis takes place within the algorithms of Mailytica in seconds. Based on the analysis, the email can then be routed automatically or an email response is suggested.

The automatically generated response email is retrieved by the user via an Add-On directly in the familiar environment (for example, Microsoft Outlook or Gmail). This means that the user only sees a small, intuitive Add-On in his usual working environment.

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