Freshdesk Integration

Mailytica's artificial intelligence analyzes incoming emails and recognizes the matter of customer enquiries using natural language processing. The AI is then able to suggest an adequate answer on the basis of this text comprehension.

As soon as an employee opens a ticket, an add-on placed on the right analyzes it within a few seconds. An appropriate answer is then immediately displayed, which can be selected and sent with a few clicks only. This way, you can process your recurring tickets in shorter times and reduce your answer time many times fold.

Mailytica: a brief overview

Mailytica is available at all times, self-learning, and easily scalable

Learns on its own


Self-learning algorithm to detect email patterns

Always available


Easy integration allows use in many applications


Increased efficiency

Many times reduced workload for emails


Easily scalable

Automatic creation of email drafts and answers

At the beginning, Mailytica's AI is trained over an email machine learning pipeline using past tickets. The AI automatically learns categories, corresponding to business transactions which are typically encountered in your customer service. After training, the algorithms are able to match new tickets contentwise with the trained categories. When a topical correspondance is established, the AI is able to automatically suggest an adequate answer. Moreover, the AI can automatically direct the tickets to the right employee according to the category. With each new ticket, the algorithms enlarge the AI's knowledge base and with it the processing quality of the next ticket. This self-learning feedback loop guarantees high-quality automatically suggested answers.

The algorithms' training always takes place customer-specifically: the algorithms are exclusively trained with your own training data set and will never be made available to other customers. Firstly, this ensures your data's protection. Secondly, this guarantees a very high degree of precision since the algorithms are trained in such a specific way, exclusively trained with your company's transactions. Moreover, answers can be enriched with information from third-party systems. For example, is your customer asking for the delivery time of a pending order? With a customer or order number, a third-party system (in this case the ERP) can be matched over an API. The AI can then subsequently attach the corresponding delivery time directly to the automatic answer. This way, enjoy highly personalized yet automated answers for your customer service. The time-consuming and non-challenging task of answering repetitive customer enquiries with copy and paste now belongs to the past! Are you interested? We are looking forward to your message.

Are you interested?

Automated training of the algorithms, easy integration and transparent configuration are our promises!

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